Isaac “leaves kids gaming”

Saying he would pursue a career in the military. He later returned twice to create and then re-open BrickPlanet.

Isaac claims the profit was used to pay corporation tax

Even though corporation tax in Delaware is only 8.7% of company's profit, implying that 91.3% of Blox City's profit was presumably used by Isaac for other purposes.

And this was after he had paid himself $3,000/month (see below).

Brennan Pfeiffer's thoughts

Isaac's business partner explains how Isaac failed to live up to expectations, including his inability to actually code a game client despite promising one to his staff and users for months.

Isaac “corrects the lies”

In the month that Brennan described as “worst that the business had ever done”, BrickPlanet made a small loss of $1,260.

Almost all companies make losses of tens of thousands of dollars in the first year. If Isaac's worst month was only $1,260, he may have made a very large profit in the good months.

Yet, Isaac claims that $3,500 in purchase reversals was enough to wipe out an entire year's profit.

The blog post barely attempts to correct what he claims are lies.

Isaac launches “DashTrade”

Saying he had little money, despite Blox City and BrickPlanet having been active for almost two years.

He even created a new Twitter account and simple website to prove to you that he was a new man.

But guess what: it never happened. It was a distraction. He was just playing time before starting it all again.

Isaac reconsiders BrickPlanet's closure

Despite having twice said he was leaving childrens' gaming and a matter of days after he claimed he was moving to California to pursue his visions.

My account of Isaac's behaviour

I planned to release a video explaining much of the information you've read on this page but Isaac closed BrickPlanet before I could.

Nonetheless, you can read the script I produced but please bear in mind that it was written prior to the second closure.

Isaac gets a job


Oh wait

I hate to say I told you so... So what happened to his start-up tech company? Or his job on the west coast?

The lies continue

Several months into BrickPlanet's re-re-re-release and no mention of how developers might exchange their credits for US$ as promised.

Oh but they do release three unique items in a day. Why? So then players buy more currency.

This very page

...was read by Isaac Hymer who paid Max to coerce me (Ivo) to take it down. My webserver was IP banned from accessing to prevent me from operating BrickPlanet Trade and the item notifier.

After Max stopped working for Isaac, he informed me of his opinions on Isaac, having worked for Isaac as a senior member of staff for sometime.

Isaac fires back

After I republished this page, Isaac rediscovered it and reached out to me. He asked me to take it down but didn't attempt to convince me that all of the evidence you're reading here is false.

When I refused, he made a cheap comment to me, the guy publicizing his behaviour, about the money that I, as a child, had spent on his website that he hadn't refunded when he closed it down.

BrickPlanet closes down, again

Quoting Isaac, "I do not know how to develop games" but he was happy to take your money on false promises anyway, for three years.

Open BrickPlanet, close it, sleep, repeat

Closing down before even opening? Oh right: after taking donations.